SBIRT announcement

The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAA) published the attached Alcohol Alert:

Alcohol’s Effects on Immunity—Increasing the Risks for Infection and Injury

Many people are aware that excessive drinking can be harmful to the liver and other vital organs; however, there is another, less obvious, body system that is vulnerable to the negative effects of alcohol: the immune system. Because of alcohol’s effects on the immune system, people who drink to excess are at increased risk of contracting infectious diseases, may have more complications after surgery, and often take longer to recover from illness, compared with those who drink at lower levels. Disruptions in immune system function also contribute to organ damage associated with alcohol consumption. This Alcohol Alert reviews the normal workings of the immune system and explores how alcohol interferes with these functions.

The NIAAA Alcohol Alert is a bulletin that summarizes key findings in an important area of alcohol research. Published twice per year, each four- to six-page Alert corresponds to a single issue of NIAAA’s peer-reviewed journal, Alcohol Research: Current Reviews.


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